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Liantou Peninsula Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:30
Liantou Peninsula Hotel amp; Resort is a super five-star hotel and the first one in Wuhan to own lake view as it adjoins the 430,000 m2 Houguanhu Lake. Boasting of a floorage of 75,000 m2, a banquet centre of 1,700 m2 which is of the state standard, an international conference hall, a SPA center, a starry waterfall double pool with luxurious auxiliary facilities, Liantou Peninsula occupies a dominating position in the high-end hotel industry in the region. Moreover, it is also conveniently situated at the nucleus of Wuhan Economic amp; Technological Development Zone, neighboring the main road--Dongfeng Road. Liantou Peninsula no doubt is an ideal choice for business negotiation, vacationing and entertainment, conference reception and relaxation.

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Taishan Hotel Beijing traffic info

Business zone:Shangdi Industrial Park
Address:Beijing · Beijing · haidianqu - No.8 Anning Beili, Xisanqi, Haidian District, China